Digital fabric Printing Store - Sauleprint LTD.

At Sauleprint LTD we are specializing on digital printing on fabric. If you are a designer, crafter, soft furniture upholsterer, artist or just a creative person, we will be happy to hear from you.

Digital printing on textiles is relatively new technology with a very wide range of applications. Complexity of colour combinations, shorter production time, “fast fashion” trends and fast growing industry of digital inkjet printers enhanced its development.  Indeed, the application of Digital Printing on textile is very wide. Home interior, Fashion, Furniture upholstery, Stage decorations are just a few to name. With development of Digital printing technologies, textile printing industry is coming back from Asia to UK.

Digital Fabric Printing technology

We print only on Natural Textiles with high quality Reactive dyes, which ensure long lasting bright and saturated prints. Textiles with our prints can be used for garment, bedding, underwear and our printing technology is environmentally friendly. Reactive dyes creating bonds with textile fibres on molecular level during steaming process and this ensure exceptional colour fastness. Our textile can be washed after printing in the washing machine and even after many washing cycles, prints are still clear and bright.

Small and medium clothing designers and upholsterers can't buy big volumes of textiles from mass producers. With the breakthrough technologies in Digital printing, Sauleprint LTD can print unique designs of fabric in small volumes.

Why you should Print Fabrics with us?

  • Bespoke customer service
  • High Printing quality
  • Fast turnaround
  • Friendly Price

We are based in Swindon, please see Contacts section for more details.