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We are based in Swindon and we specialise in digital fabric printing such as Cotton, Silk, Linen and Wool. We work nationwide in the UK and we also export our printed fabrics to other countries. Whether you are from London, Dublin, New York or Moscow, we will be able to help you.

Digital Print on Fabric specialists

We print for Fashion designers, Crafters, Upholsterers and simply creative individuals. If you can create a beautiful design and need it digitally printed on natural fabric, we can help you. Our fabrics can be used for different projects such as cushions, curtains, upholstery, clothing and much more.

Digital textile printing

We print only on high quality fabrics sourced from REACH and OEKO - TEX certified mills. We use High Quality REACH certified water based Reactive Inks. You can expect an excellent colour fastness on your fabric.  We can print from as little as one meter on the fabrics we have in stock. If you cant find fabric you need in our list, please drop us a line, we can print on hundreds of different types of Natural fabrics. Most of the fabrics are 140 - 150 cm wide. The average order turnaround time is 5-7 days from your order to shipping. If your order is £100 or over, we offer free shipping in UK.

Start creating your fabric print design now

For your convenience we have made a Create section, where you can upload your designs, preview how it will look on fabric, choose the type of fabric you want and place an order. We accept JPG, PNG, TIFF and PDF files. If your File is too big for uploading (more than 10MB), please let us know, we can use transfer services such as Wetransfer and Dropbox.

Shrinkage of Printed fabric

As washing is an important technological process for printing with Reactive dyes, please expect some fabric shrinkage (5%-15%). The shrinkage degree is different for different types of fabrics.

Please check our Projects page, we hope you will get some inspirations. Please Contact Us, if you have some questions with the design file format or any other questions, we will try to help you.

Sauleprint LTD.



1. Create your Account

Ordering process starts with creating your account. If you have an account already, please login first before uploading your image.

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2. Upload your Design or Image

Next, you should upload your step and repeat design or image. We accept file formats: jpg, png, pdf, tiff. Please dont upload files bigger than 10 MB. If the file bigger than 10MB, please use dropbox or other transfer services.

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3. Choose fabric and quantity

After your file is uploaded, make sure you are happy with design. Pay attention to every details, as this how you fabric will look after printing. Choose your fabric type, quantity and place your order.

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fire-place-d_lowThe print is beautiful, super detail and quality. The fabric is much better quality than expected. I ordered it to use as a small curtain and it hangs really well. It was amazing to have my own photo printed this big! Customer service was excellent, providing great personalised advice on my photo, and ensuring super-fast delivery in time for my event. Thank you so much again for all your help!
Keith DobsonSomerset

Fabric has just arrived and it looks fantastic, thank you. Hopefully I will have lots more orders for you in the future.

Lucy from Worcestershire, UK
  vanessa   Just received my fabric – many thanks.. the print is great – exactly as envisaged and the quality of the material is lovely.  I really appreciate you going the extra mile on this as the results are superb.  Thank you again. can’t wait to get sewing!
Vanessa. Hampshire.
union-jack_Greys_w We had the cotton Warp Satin printed to meet the needs of our customer. The quality is excellent & the customer service was brilliant in meeting our needs in a very tight time-scale. Once again thank you for the service.
Joanne Eyres, Molly's Chairs
Choco - CopyI have printed pictures of my dogs and cats for making cushions for my daughters. It is so beautiful and my family love it. Thank you again for your wonderful service and print-out.
Lee YearnNew York, USA
isla_500x500.18133951_r3iln507   My fabric just arrived – it looks brilliant! Even better than I hoped it would – thank you so much for turning it around so quickly aswell, I really appreciate it. I will definitely be back in touch for more things soon!
Sian from Stroud
Thank you so much for a really quick turnaround on the fabric! Loved the print and quality of the fabric! Very pleased and hope that I will be ordering more from you in the future.  
Kate from Reading, UK
Dachshound_1c   I am absolutely thrilled with fabric I ordered. I am making the quilt for my granddaughters wedding. Thank you very much!
Jane Bell-DavisLittleham, Devon, UK
  thanks so much for the fabric… it looks great!
David Herbert
We are very pleased with fabric and the service we have received. The very large images are of the highest quality and it has been so easy to discuss our requirements and provide the prepared artwork to Sergejs. The speed of delivery has been very impressive. We will definitely use you in the future
Helen HibleVolunteer at National Trust

Nice curtain design printed on fabric by 3 years old

Roman blind printed on Cotton Warp Satin

Creating your unique design is a relatively easy process. For example, our 4 years old daughter created her own design, please see picture below.

Dino_very small

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On the picture you can see a Dinosaur. She liked it so much, we decided to make a curtain for her.

We scanned a file and made a cut of a dinosaur and made it as a step and repeat file.


Very nice Roman blind.


Would you like to make something similar, but don't know how? Let us know. We can help.


How to Create a Step and Repeat File for Fabric Printing

Step and repeat file for Fabric Printing

There are plenty of articles and videos available on the internet on how to create Step and Repeat File (it is also called continuous pattern) for printing on fabric.

This process is not complicated, but you have to know the sequence of steps, to be able to create it.

First of all, open your design in Photoshop or, GIMP. 

Klyon_Design small


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When it is done, press Filter - Other - Offset in Photoshop or Layer - Transform - Offset in GIMP.

Make sure that Wrap around option is chosen.

Your file will be divided in 4 parts

Klyon_Design small_1








Clean up the file in the middle by Clone tool and save.

Let us know, if you have some questions, or need some help.


Resolution and File size

How to choose your file size for fabric printing

We have been asked a number of questions regarding the size of the file to be uploaded for a good quality print on fabric. In this post, we will explain how to calculate a necessary file size to be able to print good quality images on fabric

The quality of the printing will be determined by the file size and its resolution.

If your image is already in digital format, such as jpg, tiff, png or other, make sure it is 150 – 300 dpi (dots per inch). On jpg files you can see the size and resolution of the image in its properties (right mouse click on image – properties - details).

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As we see on the image below, our file size is 2084 x 1474pixels at 96 dpi (dots per inch).


If your file is not in digital format, but is on paper or other material, we recommend it to scan at the resolution of 150 - 300dpi.

Step and repeat or continuous pattern for textile printing

If you use step and repeat pattern, you print many files put next to each other. It is like a mosaic. In this case the file size of 2-3 MB is normally big enough to have a good printing quality on fabrics.

Single file printed on fabric

If you would like to print just one file with a bunch of flowers on the fabric, which is 1.5m wide and 1m long, you would need quite a big file, to make sure that the printed work is looking good and not pixelated.

How to calculate, how big file would you need for printing on fabric

  1. For good quality you would need at least 150dpi (dots per inch).
  2. Let’s assume that the width of the fabric you want to print is 1000mm or 40 inches. (1 inch = 25.4mm)
  3. And Length of the fabric you want to print on fabric is 1000 mm or 40 inches.
  4. So, the width of file should be 150dpi x 40 = 6000 pixels; Length, 150dpi x 40 = 6000 pixels.
  5. The Size of your file should be 6000 x 6000 pixels.
  6. If you print in greyscale, the size of each pixel is 1 byte;
  7. If you print RGB, the size of each pixel is 3bytes;
  8. 6000 x 6000 x 3 = 36000000 Bytes or 34.3MB.

As you see, you would need a very big file size, but it will be enough for a good quality picture of a bunch of flowers printed on fabric.

Rule of thumb for file size for textile printing

There is also a very simple rule of thumb. For A4 format you would need a 12MB file size to have a good quality non-pixelated image. 

If you are not sure about the file size, please contact us, we will help you.

Digital Cotton Printing

We offer Digital Cotton Printing on various types of Cotton fabrics. Would you like to print your own design on cotton for your unique projects on bedding, clothing or home interior? We will be able to help you. We use only high quality Reactive dyes for Cotton Prints and you will not be disappointed with colours and print fastness.

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Digital Linen Printing

We will be glad to provide you with another very popular service - Digital Linen Printing. You can linen printing for your home interior projects. Linen Printing can be used for linen cushions, linen curtains, linen lamps and other projects.

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Digital Silk Printing

Silk printing is one of our favourite services. Printing on silk with reactive dyes ensures that you have bright and vibrant colours on your product. Silk is an exclusive fabric and we print only on 100% natural Silks.

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Most wool comes from sheep and goats, but wool is also taken from camelids (camels, llamas, etc.) and special rabbits.

Reactive ink

Reactive dyes are made of coloured organic substances, primarily used for dying textiles. After chemical reaction, reactive dyes form a bond between the dye and fabric fibre.

Pigment ink

Water insoluble. Binder chemicals are incorporated in to ink. The Ink stays on the surface of the fabric.