Fabric Printing Projects

Projects we printed for our customers

Dogs and Cats on pillows

Lee from New York wanted to make cushions with the photos of her pets. Lee sent us her photos and we helped to create a beautiful layout with the right cushion printing size. Later we printed it on textile - on Cotton Warp Satin. Look at the pictures below.

Dachshund for quilting

Jean from Devon love quilting. She was making a quilt for her granddaughter wedding and was looking for a fabric with dachshund picture. Unfortunately, it was not very easy to find. Then she decided to print one. See pictures below.

Jack Union in Grey for soft furniture

Joanne from Cheshire was looking for an upholstery fabric for her project on Molly chairs. She asked us to make a design and print it on Cotton Warp satin and later on Cotton Half Panama. Joanne is making beautiful chairs. See pictures below.

Fireplace printed on Cotton

Keith from Somerset contacted us with request to print a real fireplace on Cotton Warp Satin. He has made a design, sent it to us and look what we get, see pictures below.

Fabric with printed logo in step and repeat

Katie from North Yorkshire ordered 1 meter of Cotton Poplin with continuous Half Drop printed logo of her company. Such a great idea, this fabric can be used as a background in promotional videos or as a tablecloth.

Cellular Images on Fabric for promotional garment

Stephen is a Marketing Development Manager in a big Scientific Research company in US. He had a great idea of printing cellular images on fabric. He made images in Step and Repeat pattern and printed them on Cotton Poplin. Stephen will use this fabric for manufacturing promotional clothing for tradeshow. He called this campaign - "imaging technology that fits". Very clever idea!

Chairs Reupholstery

Sergejs and Arnita reupholstered old chairs they bought in antique shop. They printed their own created designs for chair upholstery on Cotton Half Panama. These chairs looks beautiful and they are unique.

Curtains on Cotton Half Panama

Ann had a beautiful painting and she wanted to use it for her curtains. She transferred the painting to Digital format and look, what a beautiful curtains she has got. 


Chair upholstery on Cotton Half Panama and Cotton Velvet

Sarah made a beautiful upholstery for her chairs on Cotton Half Panama and Cotton Velvet.

Cushions and DIY Kits on Cotton Half Panama and Natural Leenane Linen

We can make for you the Cushions DIY kits and ready made cushions with your design or pictures. Minimum order 3 cushions.

The size of cushion on Cotton Half Panama 50 x 50 cm; The size of Linen cushion is 47 x 47 cm. Please note that after washing your fabric will shrink by 5 - 10%. 

Bag Cotton Half Panama

Bernard from Quebec City, Canada decided that he need a new bag. He wanted to have a falcon image on his new bag. We made for Bernard a digital file and printed it on Cotton Half Panama. Look below what a beautiful and unique bag Bernard made.  

Fabric Decoration Walls Printed on Cotton Voile and Cotton Poplin

Christmas Decorations Digitally Printed on 100% Cotton Voile and 100% Cotton Poplin. 

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